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10 Best Side Businesses For Christians

Making enough money in this current world cannot be achieved by limiting oneself to just a single job. Every day in the world, the cost of living is increasing and people are becoming poorer than before. Though saving might be of help but after taking out all expenses, how much would be left to save?

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What Christians Should Know About Money

What Christians Should Know About Money

The Bible is a guide to every Christian on how to live and it opens the eyes of every Christian to the truth of life and things that life bring. In the teachings and lessons of the Bible, money is not left out.

There are things that the Bible wants every Christian to know and understand about money – most of the time when Christians read the Bible on money, they tend to misinterpret it and think of another thing entirely, different from what the Bible explained.

Aside, the Biblical knowledge of money, there are things that Christians must know about money and also know what to do with money to avoid getting into temptation with money.

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Top 25 Bible Verses On Money

Top 25 Bible verses on money.

What are your favorite Bible verses on money?

Money is an essential thing in the world, it is the major reason why trade is effective and efficient in the world. As it has been right from time, if anyone must acquire properties, get things done, or even get food, a considerate amount of money must be available.

The Bible mentioned money on several occasions and it also advised on how to get money, how to use it, and how to control it. Here are 25 of the most important Bible verses on money.

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