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10 Best Side Businesses For Christians

Making enough money in this current world cannot be achieved by limiting oneself to just a single job. Every day in the world, the cost of living is increasing and people are becoming poorer than before. Though saving might be of help but after taking out all expenses, how much would be left to save?

What are the best side businesses for Christians?

This question gave rise to the quest to find more ways to make extra cash outside of the job they are doing. According to research on the cost of living in most part of the world, there had been an increase of about 2.5% in 2019 which is a considerable amount. This is enough for people to look for means to take up extra jobs to get extra money so as to meet up with the standard cost of living.

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It is not a bad thing for Christians to have a side hustle. Most times, it is an opportunity to build one’s ability and gain more experience. Most businesses that are flourishing and yielding millions today started as a side hustle. With diligence and dedication, a side hustle can be a great business in the future. Most people want to start a side hustle but do not know which one to get into. For every Christian who wants to start a side hustle, there is numerous side hustle that will not make you go against the will of God.

Let’s explore the 10 best side businesses for Christians.


Freelancing has become a fast-growing side hustle that everyone gets into these days. Everyone has something to offer, they get into freelancing. If you have skills in writing, designing, you can go into freelancing. There are secure freelance sites that you can work in your free time. Freelancing is not limited to any religion, it doesn’t go against Christianity. Something good about freelancing is that it exposes one to new ideas, new things that people are doing every day and it improves one’s skills.


There are billions of people in the world and in your country alone, there are people who are in need of what you have and willing to buy. There are some things that are plenty in your area, locality or state that is scarce in another country. You can do research on the country that would need that thing and make it available to them. You can sell things online. Consistent selling of products to other people can become a great business for you someday.

You can sign up for training on how to make some things, it could be cosmetics, it could be clothes or food-related items. When you get trained in any of these, you will be able to start production on your own and then selling them will give you extra cash. You can sell on eBay, Amazon, and other online stores.

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Renting your car, or become a driver

This is for people who have a car. People find it more convenient to go with public transport than driving which might be stressful. If you can make your car available to pick up people at your free hour, you will earn extra cash. Becoming a Uber driver is not something bad you can try doing. As a Christian, it is an opportunity for you to preach the gospel.

Most people may not like the idea of preaching to them, but you can engage them in a comforting conversation. Not everyone who smiles is okay, you may make a statement that will brighten their day. Renting your car out is not bad either, but rather helps you secure extra cash which is good. This type of side hustle could become a big company where vehicles are being rented.


Blogging is not a new thing in society today because most articles we read online are from blogs created by people. Blogging may not start yielding enough money quickly but with time it becomes bigger when used the right way.

People prefer to use the internet to search for information – information that has to do with study, health, politics, career, profession, country, and religion which Christianity is included. Blogging has helped a lot of people to achieve and it has opened people to the affiliate programs.

Most bloggers partner with companies that manufacture things and refer people to the product. For every product bought through the referral, there is always a commission.

Become a tutor

People want to get the idea of something, they want to learn new things. Everyday people pay to know or have an understanding of things. If you have something to offer, you can sell yourself out there. Become a tutor – it is not a bad thing to be a gym tutor, you can a coach and train an athlete if you have the experience.

You can also be a tutor to students finding it hard to solve some problems. Part of this is also becoming a language tutor. You can get paid to teach English, French, Spanish, Latin, and any other kind of Language that you can speak. People want to learn more languages, software or phone applications is not enough to teach people a new language, they prefer teachers that can help out.

Renting your property

In this case, you may have a spare room you can rent out for people to stay for days or hours. Some properties also can be rented out for extra cash. Real estate business most of the time starts from renting out a room or an apartment if there is any.


It sounds fun for anyone who finds cooking interesting. You can pick up a part-time job as a cook in a restaurant or anywhere a cook is needed. There is good pay for every good cook. Doing this, you can build yourself and learn more cuisines to make yourself more valuable.


A lot of parents are too busy to look after a baby, they prefer getting a babysitter. Babysitting might be a stressful job sometimes but it a way of getting extra cash.


Some companies are ready to hire marketers to market their products for them, you applying as a marketer or you can market a product online too.


Photography is a fast-growing side hustle. Photography is fun. There are websites that buy photos from people. If you are good with cameras, you can capture an event, nature, animals and sell them. You can be consulted for a photo shoot.

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Best side businesses for Christians

Are you a Christian with a side business? Let us know in the comments.

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